Life as an Interior Decorator

I’m writing today’s article for my Mum, so she can understand what I do. I think she has this vision that I shop all day with other people’s money – if only! In order to debunk this myth I recently documented an entire day in the life of Hannah.

8:00 am

I wake up…
Please note that I do not normally sleep in until 8am it just so happens that I forgot to set my alarm last night & today is the day that i’m writing about my life. Did I think about recording the time as 6am for the purpose of this article? Yes, of course I did but honesty is the best policy etc.
8:30 am
I’m now up & unenthusiastically eating a banana smoothie bowl as I read my emails. Please note that I don’t enjoy eating healthy, however I have to eat some fruit & vegetables to counteract my love of wine.
Gus is death-staring me because he hasn’t had breakfast yet & he knows that he won’t be going on a walk today because Mamma slept in. Sorry Gus, I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.

Mini groodle

 9:00 am
I always set aside one morning a week to blog. Writing is not a task I overly enjoy so I need to blog in the mornings when my brain is fresh. I know that many bloggers are super organised and plan their topics weeks in advance – that’s not me. I prefer to improvise and write about whatever is on my mind at the time. Today I’m writing two blogs; ‘How to decorate a baby nursery when you don’t know the sex’ and ‘The crush I have on blush’.

 11:00 am
Gus & I play fetch in the house with his tennis ball while I straighten my hair & choose a super cool outfit

12:30 pm

I’m now shopping at Lilly & Lolly in Rosenberry. On my shopping list is the perfect crib for one my e-decorating clients. She is having her first baby and wants to create a gender neutral nursery as she doesn’t know the sex – this inspired my blog post earlier today. I find what I am looking for & also purchase this adorable ‘Basil the Fox‘ (image via Lilly & Lolly). I don’t need Basil (as I don’t have a baby) but I plan to give him to one of my pregnant friends as a gift – hopefully before Gus get’s him.

Baby fox toy

 2:00 pm
Late lunch – sushi of course
3:00 pm
I’m in Bondi now meeting a client for an initial decorating consultation. Her name is Sally & she has hired me to decorate her lounge room & balcony. She pours us both a glass of wine & we sit down to discuss her decorating dreams. We talk about her style, her vision what she likes/doesn’t like, how often she entertains and a little bit about the decorating budget her Husband has suggested… I also take some photos & measurements before I leave. I explain that I will put together a decorating proposal and be in touch shortly. Sally says she can’t wait, neither can I!
5:30 pm
I’m finally home, don’t you just love Sydney traffic! Gus is excited to see me but deep down I know he is still mad about missing his walk this morning. I sit down and email an e-decorating proposal to a client who hired me to style her entry room.
6:00 pm
Time to get ready – my BF will be home shortly & we have plans to go out tonight
6:45 pm
Gus is glaring at me… I can understand why but he is it getting upset for no reason because he is coming out with us!
7:00 pm 
We are out the door – my stylish BF, Gus & I. We are going to a local brewery for a few beers with our friends (Wayward Brewery in Camperdown for those who are interested – dog friendly & really cool).
Design with Hannah
This is obviously not taken on this particular day – I forgot to take a photo of us!
 10:30 pm
We are home. I’ve possibly had a few too many beers & Gus has definitely had too much popcorn (drunk people love to feed him snacks). I’ll be tired in the morning but at least I remembered to set my alarm this time. Goodnight stylish folks x

Hannah Bryce is an interior decorator & project manager in Sydney. She is passionate about helping people across Australia create beautiful & affordable homes. For more information about her e-decorating solutions visit her website.


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