Magical Milan

Have you noticed that all the cushions in the Design with Hannah range are named after cities?  If not then click here to view the range & see for yourself.

You see I am a MASSIVE fan of travelling.  I love the excitement associated with exploring a new city, understanding the culture and tasting the food! I love reflecting at the end of day of exploring – feeling inspired by everything I have seen and experienced. It is for this reason that I chose to name all the cushions in the Design with Hannah range after a city that I love. Today’s post is all about my love for Milan – both the city and the cushion.

So why was I so inspired by Milan? So inspired that I named a cushion in it’s honour?

The Last Super – Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece was everything I imagined it to be and more! It’s notoriously difficult to get tickets as it sells out months in advance – In fact a charming Italian man (that I met at a Milanese bar) told me that it is easier to secure front row seats to a Prada show during fashion week then it is to score tickets to The Last Super (this was after a few wines, so I can’t guarantee the authenticity of his information).

 The Duomo – A massive cathedral, a spiked roof (that you can access via 150+ steps to admire the city views) and 3,600 spires carved from pink Candoglia marble.  What’s not to love!

The world’s first Prada store – enough said…

Salone del Mobile  – AKA the mobile furniture fair and one of the biggest events in Milan. Held annually in April, the event is only open to the public on weekends and includes some of the most luxurious (and wacky) furniture you have ever seen! Even better than the furniture are the associated parties and cocktail events that are held every evening.

 Aperitivo – The Italian equivalent of ‘happy hour’ which usually takes place between 7pm & 9pm every evening. It consists of drinks and finger food – the later of which is often complimentary, provided you purchase a drink from the bar.


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