Who is Hannah & why should I design with her? #part2

An interview with my number 1 fan & best friend

Q. How long have you known Hannah?⠀
A. I have known Hannah for an entire glorious DECADE!⠀

Q. How did you meet Hannah?⠀
A.I met Hannah at uni; her eye for style was evident back then when she complimented me on my red trench coat and matching hair colour. She told me I looked like the red-headed Pussycat Doll and the rest as they say is history.⠀

Q. How would you describe Hannah?⠀
A. Hannah is a go-getter; truly there is no better term to describe her. This attitude extends to every aspect of her life – when she wants something, she goes for it. She is an all-in kind of girl. When Hannah sets her mind to something, it happens. Oh and she’s also sartorially-gifted, coupled with a good dose of wit!⠀

Q. If you could choose a soundtrack to Hannah’s life what would it be?⠀
A. It wouldn’t be a soundtrack so much as a playlist; an eclectic combo ranging from country hits (including those from our favourite TV show Nashville!) to a few Beatles classics (I AM THE WALRUS, CUCKOO-KA-CHOO!), maybe some Final Countdown by Europe…oh and anything and everything by Taylor Swift. So much Tay-Tay⠀

Q. If you & Hannah were stuck on an island and could only have 3 items with you what would they be?⠀
A. An iPod so that we could dance to our favourite hits all day, a MEGA family block of chocolate so we wouldn’t go hungry and a bottomless bottle of wine so we would never be thirsty! The perfect recipe for a good time!⠀

Q. How would you describe Hannah’s style?⠀
A. Fresh, classy, polished and sassy!⠀

Q.Why should people design with Hannah?⠀
A. People should design with Hannah because she will bring everything she has (and this girl is incredibly gifted) in making your home uniquely beautiful and uniquely YOU! Hannah’s work ethic, determination to complete everything she undertakes with pizazz and innate sense of style means that you are in the best of hands!⠀



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