Who is Hannah & why should I design with her? #part1

In order to create the perfect space for my clients I have to get to know them.  I do this in several ways:
  1. Asking questions via email & phone
  2. Asking questions over a skinny latte
  3. Asking questions over a glass of wine – my personal favourite
 In return it seems fair that my clients get to know me and and the best way to do this is via the people that know me best! I have spent the last few weeks interviewing my friends and family so that you can get to know the REAL Hannah.

I will share these interview over the next weeks as part of my ‘Who is Hannah & why should I design with her?’ series.

Here is part 1, I hope you like it!

Hannah x

Who is Hannah & why should I design with her? #part 1

An interview with my Sister from Another Mister (soon to be sister in law)

Q. How long have you known Hannah?⠀
A. Officially since 2008, but I’ve gotten to know her really well over the last 3.5 years as my sister in law 💕⠀⠀
Q. How did you meet Hannah?⠀⠀
A. I first met Hannah when I was in year 12 and hung out with her little brother (my soon-to-be husband!) She once tolerated us crashing her New Years party. It was packed with people but she was the life of the party. When her brother and I started dating a few years later, I met her again at a family BBQ and she’ll never let me forget I said a very naughty word in front of her parents, we’ve been pals ever since 😂⠀⠀
Q. How would you describe Hannah?⠀⠀
A. Successful, driven and a world beater! But she also knows how to have fun, she’s caring and she’s got a wicked sense of humour. I love that she can be so successful in her career and then come home or down to the local and be a total dork with me.⠀⠀
Q. If you could choose a soundtrack to Hannah’s life what would it be?⠀⠀
A. Just like her style, Hannah has a very eclectic taste in music so I can’t even begin to assume what the soundtrack of her would sound like! Here’s three songs that remind me of Hannah the instant I hear them:⠀⠀
– Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King⠀⠀
– Foolish by Alpine⠀⠀
– Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith⠀⠀
Q. If you & Hannah were stuck on an island and could only have 3 items with you what would they be?⠀⠀
A. Most important – a first aid kit! Hannah is the only person I have ever met who is just as (maybe more) accident prone than me. We would be a disaster magnet. We would also obviously need our bikinis and a nice Sauv Blanc.⠀⠀
Q. How would you describe Hannah’s style?⠀⠀
A. Effortlessly cool. Always classy. I don’t know how she does it. I’m envious of every outfit she owns except her flannel Rabbitohs pajymas 😂⠀⠀
Q.Why should people design with Hannah?⠀⠀
A. Walking into her apartment is like stepping into a Freedom catalogue. She has an eye for detail and always seems to know exactly what colours/textures/patterns to match. I am ever envious of the talent she has for styling herself, her home and her doggy.



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